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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Savings period ending Nov 7

I have been a true slacker lately. It's so hard to keep up with these posts! I am going to try to do a better job. I've been so busy so this got the back seat in terms of priorities. I still am saving a lot of money and getting good deals by combining coupons and rewards programs.


Ralphs Rewards
$0.25 off Jiffy cornbread
$0.49 off Ralphs instant oats
$1.09 off Barbara's shredded cereal
$1.10 off Chex Mix
$2.98 off (2) Pearl soy milk
$1.00 off Activia yourt
$1.00 off Dannon yogurt
$0.29 off Ralphs chunk light tuna
$1.00 Don Francisco Coffee
$2.47 off Gala apples
$1.50 off Don Francisco coffee
$1.00 off Activia yogurt
$1.00 off Dannon yogurt
$1.00 off (2) Pearl soy milk
$1.00 off Chex Mix
$1.00 off Barbara's cereal

Total Ralphs Rewards: $11.67
Total coupons: $6.50

Total savings: $18.17


Henry's sales
$1.10 off bread
$2.65 off broccoli
$0.49 off roma tomatoes
$1.47 off Jonagold apples
$1.43 off red D'Ang pears
$0.27 off Roma tomatoes
$0.70 off milk
$0.30 off Onions
$0.20 off Pepper

Total Henry's: $8.61


I got a coupon in my email box for being part of the email club for one year.
So I got a Buy one get one free burrito coupon: $5.99

Lots of great deals. Highlights include coupons and sales off Kashi granola bars and cereal. Healthy Harvest wheat pasta and Dannon Activia yogurt. I am too lazy to type it all.
Coupons: $4.00
Sales: $2.36

Target Savings: $6.36


CUMULATIVE SAVINGS since Aug 15, 2009: $267.45