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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ralphs and Henry's Savings Aug 16, 2009

This week I got some great deals at Ralphs combined with their Rewards program.

I used the following coupons:

$1.00 off a box of South Beach Living Cereal bars that were already on sale for $3.50.
$1.00 off 2 Skippy Natural Peanut Butter jars that were already on sale for $2 each.
$1.00 off a box of MultiGrain Cheerios that was already on sale for $3.39.
$1.59 off a bottle of Sobe Zero Calorie Lifewater. It was a buy one get one free coupon and the bottles were already on sale for $.99 each. I think the cashier screwed up as he should have credited me the sale price but I'll take the extra $0.59.

Total Coupons
: $4.59
Total Savings:

Henry's Farmer's Market: Lots of great sales this week including $2.00 for a pint of strawberries or blueberries. I got the blueberries since it's one of the Superfoods for antioxidants, etc. I need more of those in my diet to fight off free radicals and help me heal the many running injuries I suffer from. Oh, and because they taste great, especially with a whole grain cereal.

I used the following coupons:

$1.00 off low-fat organic Kefir. It was priced at $2.99 regular price, which is a decent price considering places like Ralphs and Whole Foods charge $3.50 or more for the same item.

$1.00 off a bag of Popchips. I love these all-natural potato chip snacks. They taste great and only have 4 grams of fat and 120 calories for 20 chips. In order to make them healthy AND tasty they are not fried or baked. They use a system of heat and pressure to make them. They were priced at a low price of $2.49, which is the lowest I have seen them anywhere. The only downside is a bag only has 3 servings so it's a bit pricey to pay regular for something that has so little food in it. I would hope they make the bags bigger as the company grows.

$0.50 off a Think Thin chocolate brownie bar that was already on sale for $1.19. These bars are ok. The one I got has 20 grams of protein, 7 grams of fat and 0 sugar, but they use malitol syrup as the sweetener, which is better than sucralose but there have been varying opinions about this substance online.

$.05 for not using a bag. I think it's great Henry's rewards you for each bag you don't use. I try to bring my re-usable bags in every time to any supermarket I got to. I always have them in the car. Sometimes I forget. I'm human.

Other savings - I had to estimate on these since the receipt does not calculate how much you save on things on sale as it only quotes the sale price:

$1.50 off pint of yellow grape tomatoes.
$2.00 off pint blueberries
$1.50 off organic broccoli (estimate)
$1.00 off Bartlet pears (estimate)
$0.50 off Wild west trail mix (estimate)
$0.50 off white nectarines

Total Coupons: $2.55
Total Savings:


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