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Friday, August 14, 2009

Yes I'm Cheap but I am proud

I started this blog as a response to all the naysayers. People have criticized me for holding back too much and not splurging. I have never been a wasteful person. My mother brought me up to be responsible, save money and never purchase anything I can't afford. Growing up I used to have to give her half of everything I earned from my various jobs (paper boy, grocery store bagger and pharmacy clerk). I was taught the value of the dollar and witnessed her coupon techniques first-hand as I had to go grocery shopping with her every other week (my brothers and I took turns).

I thrive on saving money and finding deals. This blog will document how much money I save each week from various promotions and coupons. I will note EVERYTHING and keep a running tally. After a year I want to show the world how much I have saved just from looking out for the next best deals. I will link to various sources (other blogs) where I find this info. STAY TUNED!

I have another blog called Marathon Life where I track all things running and other interesting observations and happenings in my life.

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