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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chronic Cantina savings

J** and I finally got around to using the $25 gift certificate I bought for just $2 at This is a great site and if you join their email list they always have promotions to buy a certificates at 80% off the regular price of $10. Usually a $25 gift certificate will cost you $10 at the full price. There are a variety of cool restaurants you can choose from - some on the high end and many moderate to fast food places. All you do is enter your zip code. It's that easy.

There are stipulations with each certificate though. Most of the time they require you to purchase a certain amount of food before the $25 certificate can be applied. In our case at Chronic Cantina in Costa Mesa, CA, we had to spend $35 on food. Sometimes you can only go Mon-Thurs, but most places are valid 7 days a week. We had no problem spending enough on the food. We each got the chimichanga burrito, and I did not realize it's a fried burrito! Gross. I only ate the middle of it and didn't even attempt to eat the tortilla that was doused in oil. I should have gone for the Monster Burrito instead, a much healthier option. We also got the chicken chimichangas as an appetizer and another 2-item plate of a soft chicken taco and some pepper thing I can't recall the name of (J** wanted that one).

Total Savings: $23.00


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