Cheap Anthony: Henry's, Ralphs and Pavillions Savings week ending 9/6/09 Cheap Anthony

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Henry's, Ralphs and Pavillions Savings week ending 9/6/09

Henry's Farmer's Market: Lots of great sales this week including $0.87/lb for Gala apples, $0.77/lb for Bartlett pears and $0.97/lb for Roma tomatoes.

Henry's Savings
$1.45 off Roma Tomatoes
$2.46 off 5 ears of white corn on the cob
$0.66 off Bartlett pears
$1.47 off Gala apples
$1.49 off Lifeway Kefir

Henry's savings: $7.53

I used some great coupons this week:

$1.50 off a Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal
$1.00 off two 6 packs of Diet Hansen's Natural soda
$1.00 off a bag of parmesan and garlic Popchips
$1.00 off Lifeway Kefir
$1.00 off a bar of Green & Black's organic chocolate
$0.50 off Clif Builder's bar

Coupon savings: $6.00

Henry's Savings: $13.53

I didn't do a large shopping here since I got so much at Henry's.

$0.20 off a quarter gallon of milk
$1.10 off a 2-liter of Diet Sprite.

Ralph's Savings: $1.30

Pavillions (a Vons store) - I picked up a few things here. Really it was just an ice cream run.

$0.70 off Sobe Lifewater
$2.00 off Dreyer's Slow Churned frozen yogurt

Vons card savings: $2.70


$0.59 off Sobe Lifewater

Pavillion's Savings: $3.29



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